Why are corrugated boxes easily broken

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During the use of the carton, there are two main problems:

1. Fat bags or bulging bags;

2. Damage to the carton。

We analyze the reasons for the problem as follows:

First, the cause of the problem

Fat or bulging bags

1. Improper selection of corrugation

The height of A watt is the highest, the same paper, although its vertical pressure performance is good, but the plane pressure is not as good as B type and C type。After the A-watt carton is loaded with the product, during the transportation process, the carton will be subjected to transverse and longitudinal vibration, and the repeated impact between the packaging and the carton makes the carton wall thinner, and the phenomenon of fat or bulging。

2. The effect of shovels on stacking finished products

When products are stacked in the finished goods warehouse, they are usually stacked very high, usually two shovelboards high。The cartons are in the process of stacking,纸箱,Especially the strength change of the bottom box,It is a "creep" process,It is characterized by a relatively stable load acting on the carton for a considerable time,The carton will bend and deform continuously under static load,If static pressure is maintained for a long time,The carton will collapse and be damaged,So the bottom boxes stacked on the shovel are often hooved,And some of it was crushed。When the carton is subjected to vertical pressure, the central deformation of the carton surface is the largest, and the crease after crushing is like a parabola。The test proves that when the corrugated box is pressed, the strength of the four corners is the best, and the strength of the middle point of the transverse edge is the worst。Therefore, the foot of the upper shovel is directly pressed in the middle of the carton, so that the middle part of the carton forms a concentrated load, which will cause the carton to crack or permanent deformation。And because the gap of the shovel is too wide, the corner of the carton falls into it, which will cause the carton to be fat or bulging。

3. The exact dimensions of the box height have not been determined

The carton height of the carbonated beverage box and the water tank is generally determined as the bottle height of the internal contents bottle plus about 2mm,As cartons are stacked,Withstand static load for a long time,As well as shocks, vibrations and bumps during transportation,Make the wall thickness of the carton thinner,Added some height,Making the case taller than the bottle,Therefore, the fat bag or bulge of the carton is more obvious。

A large number of damaged cartons are mainly due to the following factors:

1. The size of the carton is not reasonable

The size of the length, width and height of the carton has a great relationship with the damage of the carton。The size of the carton is generally determined according to the number of bottles to be filled and the height of the bottles。The box length is the number of bottles in the rectangular direction × the diameter of the bottle, the box width is the number of bottles in the wide direction × the diameter of the bottle, and the box height is basically the height of the bottle。The circumference of the four sides of the box is equivalent to the entire side wall supporting the pressure load of the carton. Generally, the longer the circumference, the higher the compressive strength, but this increase is not proportional。If the circumference of the four sides is too large, that is, the number of bottles of the contents is more, the gross weight of the whole box of products is large, the requirements for the carton are also high, the need for high compressive strength and break resistance to ensure the use of the carton performance, otherwise, the carton is easier to damage in the circulation process。On the market, 596mL×24 bottles of pure water tank is the most damaged in all the cartons, because of its large gross weight and single-tile cartons, which are prone to damage during the circulation process。

In the case of the same length and width of the carton, the height has a greater impact on the compressive strength of the empty carton。In the case that the circumference of the four sides of the carton is unchanged, with the increase of the height of the carton, the compressive strength is reduced by about 20%。

2. The thickness of corrugated cardboard does not meet the requirements

Because the corrugated roller will be worn during use, the thickness of the corrugated cardboard can not meet the specified requirements, so that the compressive strength of the carton is low, and the strength of the carton will also decline。

3. The corrugated of the carton is deformed

The corrugated cardboard itself is soft, the plane strength is low, the rigidity is low, and the corrugated carton made of such cardboard is also small in compressive strength and puncture strength。Because the shape of the corrugated board is directly related to the compressive strength of the corrugated board。The shape of the corrugated is generally divided into U type, V type, UV type。U-shape has good extensibility, elasticity and high energy absorption。Within the elastic limit, when the pressure is eliminated, it can still be restored to the original state, but because the impact point of the arc is unstable, the flat compression strength is not high。V-shaped paper with small contact, poor adhesion, easier to peel。With the combined force of two diagonal lines, the stiffness is good and the flat compression strength is larger。However, if the external force exceeds the pressure limit, the corrugated shape is destroyed, and the pressure can not be restored to the original state after elimination。UV type has the advantages of the above two types of mold, high compressive strength, good elasticity and elastic recovery ability, is a more ideal mold。

4. The design of the cardboard layer of the carton is unreasonable

The unreasonable design of the number of cardboard layers will lead to the increase of the damage rate of the outer packaging carton。Therefore, the number of cardboard layers used in cartons should be considered according to the weight, nature, stacking height, storage and transportation conditions, storage time and other factors。

5. The bonding strength of the carton is poor

To determine whether the adhesion of the carton is good, as long as you tear the adhesive surface by hand, if you find that the original paper surface is peeled, it indicates that the paper is glued well;If it is found that there is no tearing paper fiber or white powder at the bonding of the corrugated peak, it is false sticky, which will cause the compressive strength of the carton to be low, and affect the strength of the entire carton。The bonding strength of the carton is related to the grade of the paper, the preparation of the adhesive and the manufacturing equipment and process operation。

6. The printing design of the carton is unreasonable

The corrugated shape and structure of the corrugated board determine the bearing pressure of the corrugated board。Printing will cause certain damage to corrugated cardboard, and the size of the pressure and the size of the bearing area is a major factor affecting the compressive strength of the carton。If the printing pressure is too large, it is easy to crush the corrugated and reduce the corrugated height。Especially when printing at the line, in order to carry out forced and clear printing at the line position, the entire cardboard will be crushed, so that the compressive strength of the carton will be greatly reduced, so it is necessary to avoid printing here。When the carton is full or printed around, in addition to the pressing effect of the embossing roller on the corrugated cardboard, the ink has an infiltration effect on the paper surface, which reduces the compressive strength of the carton。When the general carton is fully printed, its compressive strength is reduced by about 40%。

7. The paper regulation of the carton is unreasonable and the paper does not meet the requirements

In the past, goods were mainly handled by manpower in the circulation process, the storage conditions were poor, and the bulk form was mainly used, so the break resistance and puncture degree were used as the main standards to measure the strength of the carton。With the mechanization and containerization of transportation and circulation means, the compressive strength and stacking strength of cartons have become the main indicators to measure the performance of cartons. When designing cartons, the compressive strength that cartons can withstand is taken as the condition, and the stacking strength is tested。

If the minimum compressive strength is not taken into account in the process of carton paper design, the carton paper can not reach the required compressive strength, which will lead to a large number of carton damage。There are clear regulations on the amount of paper for each carton, and the supply can only be high and not low when changing paper。

8. Transport impact

Many of the reasons for the damage of goods in the circulation process are caused by improper transportation or loading, and some products will be damaged although the packaging protection measures have reached high requirements。The reason is that in addition to the unreasonable packaging design, it is mainly related to the choice of transportation means and methods。The impact of transportation on the compressive strength of the carton is mainly impact, vibration and turbulence。Due to the many links of transportation, the impact on the carton is larger, coupled with the backward mode of transportation, the brutal loading and unloading of the handling personnel, stepping on and throwing, which are easy to cause damage。

9. Poor management of the seller's warehouse

Due to the short performance and aging of the carton, the compressive strength of the corrugated carton will decrease with the extension of storage time in circulation。

In addition, the humidity in the warehouse environment also has a great impact on the strength of the carton。The carton has the function of discharging and absorbing water in the environment。The relative humidity in the warehouse environment is very large, and the strength of the corrugated box will plummet。

Dealers often stack the goods very high because of the small storage location, and some even stack the goods to the roof, which has a great impact on the strength of the carton。If we measure the compressive strength of the carton according to the standard method is 100%, then add 70% static load on the carton, the carton will collapse in a day;If 60% static load is added, the carton can withstand 3 weeks;At 50%, it can withstand 10 weeks;Plus 40% can withstand more than a year。It can be seen from this that if the pile is too high, the damage to the carton is fatal。

Measures to solve the problem

Measures to solve the fat bag or bulge of the carton:

1. Determine the proper corrugated shape of the carton

In type A, type C, type B corrugated, type B corrugated height is the lowest, although the vertical pressure resistance is poor, but the plane pressure is the best。After the carton adopts B-type corrugated, although the compressive strength of the empty carton will be reduced, the contents have self-support, and can withstand a part of the stacking weight when stacked, so the stacking effect of the product is also good。In the actual production, different mold can be selected according to the specific situation。

2. Improve the stacking conditions of products in warehouse

If the storage space allows, try not to stack two shovels high。If it is necessary to pile two scooping boards high, in order to prevent the concentration of load when the finished product is stacked, a sheet of corrugated cardboard can be sandwiched in the middle of the stack or a flat scooping board can be used。

3. Determine the exact carton size

In order to reduce the phenomenon of fat bags or bulging and reflect the good stacking effect, we set the carton height as the same as the bottle height, especially for carbonated beverage cartons and pure water tanks with relatively high box height。

Measures to solve carton damage:

1. Design reasonable carton size

In the design of the carton, in addition to considering how to use the least amount of material under a certain volume, should also consider the market circulation link on the size and weight of a single carton restrictions, sales habits, ergonomic principles and the convenience and rationality of the internal arrangement of goods。According to the ergonomic principle, the appropriate carton size will not lead to human body fatigue and damage。Heavy carton packaging, transportation efficiency will be affected, the probability of damage increases。According to the international trade practice, the weight of each carton is limited to 20kg。In actual sales, the popularity of different packaging methods in the market is different for the same kind of goods。Therefore, when designing the carton, the size of the package should be determined as far as possible according to sales habits。

Therefore, in the carton design process, various factors should be considered comprehensively, and the compressive strength of the carton should be improved without increasing the cost and affecting the packaging effect。And after fully understanding the characteristics of the contents, determine the reasonable size of the carton。

2. The corrugated board reaches the specified thickness

The thickness of corrugated cardboard has a great influence on the compressive strength of the carton。In the production process, the corrugated roller is seriously worn, causing the thickness of the corrugated cardboard to decrease, and the compressive strength of the carton will also decrease, resulting in an increase in the breakage rate of the carton。

3. Reduce the deformation of corrugation

First of all, it is necessary to control the quality of the base paper, especially the physical indicators such as ring compression strength and moisture of the corrugated core paper。Secondly, the corrugated cardboard technology is studied to change the corrugated deformation caused by the wear of the corrugated roller and the insufficient pressure between the corrugated rollers。Third, improve the carton manufacturing process, adjust the gap of the paper feed roller of the box machine, and change the carton printing to flexographic printing to reduce the deformation of the corrugated。At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the transportation of cartons, and try to use the car to transport cartons, reducing the corrugated deformation caused by the bundling of oilcloth and rope and the trampling of stevedovers。

4. Design an appropriate number of layers of corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard according to the number of layers of its material can be divided into single layer, three layers, five layers, seven layers。With the increase of the number of layers, it has higher compressive strength and stacking strength。Therefore, the choice can be made according to the characteristics of the product, environmental parameters and consumer requirements。

5. Strengthen the control of the peeling strength of corrugated boxes

The bonding strength between the corrugated core paper and the face paper or the inner paper of the carton can be controlled by the detection instrument。If the peel strength does not meet the standard requirements, find the reason。The supplier is required to strengthen the inspection of the raw materials of the carton, and the tightness and moisture content of the paper must meet the relevant national standards。The stripping strength required by national standard can be achieved by improving the quality of adhesive and equipment。

6. Reasonable design of carton pattern

The carton should try to avoid full plate printing, as well as horizontal ribbon printing, especially the central horizontal printing of the box surface, because its role is the same as the transverse press line, the printing pressure will crush the corrugated。In the carton surface printing design, to minimize the number of color。After the general monochrome printing, the compressive strength of the carton is reduced by 6%-12%, and the three-color package will be reduced by 17%-20%。

7. Determine appropriate paper regulations

In the specific carton paper design process, the appropriate base paper should be properly selected, and the quality of raw materials is the main factor determining the compressive strength of corrugated cartons。Usually, the compressive strength of corrugated boxes is proportional to the quantitative, tightness, stiffness, horizontal ring compression strength and other indicators of the base paper;It is inversely proportional to the moisture content。In addition, the impact of the appearance quality of the base paper on the compressive strength of the carton can not be ignored。

Therefore, to ensure sufficient compressive strength, we must first choose high-quality raw materials。However, when designing the paper of the carton, do not blindly increase the gram weight and grade of the paper, and increase the total gram weight of the cardboard。In fact, the compressive strength of the corrugated box depends on the combined effect of the ring compression strength of the face paper and the corrugated core paper。The corrugated core paper has a greater impact on the strength, so whether from the strength or from the economic consideration, the effect of improving the grade performance of corrugated core paper is better than that of improving the grade of face paper, and it is much more economical。You can control the paper of the carton by going to the supplier to inspect the site, and drawing samples of the base paper to measure a series of indicators of the base paper to prevent jerry-cutting and shoddy。

8. Improved transport

Reduce the number of transportation and handling of goods, adopt the method of nearby delivery, and improve the handling method (it is recommended to use shovel handling);To educate porters, improve their quality awareness, and put an end to rough loading and unloading;When loading and transporting, pay attention to prevent rain and humidity, and the bundle should not be too tight。

9. Strengthen the management of dealer warehouse

The sale of goods should follow the principle of first in first out, the number of stacking layers should not be too high, the warehouse should not be too wet, should be kept dry and ventilated。