Corrugated box layout design precautions

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Corrugated box manufacturing industry is a service industry, with user satisfaction as a reliable standard, so a considerable part of the printing content of corrugated boxes is produced in accordance with the layout provided by the user。

As users, most of the lack of packaging knowledge, many of the requirements do not meet industry standards, which requires corrugated carton companies to actively guide users, improve the level of layout design。In the layout design of corrugated boxes, the following issues should be paid attention to:

1, printed graphic signs should be standardized

Graphic standard printing quality is not only limited to the auditorium is clear and easy to distinguish, the most important thing is to see whether it meets the relevant provisions of national standards or laws and regulations。

The national standard for graphic signs has been formulated: GB191-85 "Graphic Signs for Packaging Storage and Transportation" stipulates the corresponding graphic signs of 10 categories such as careful handling and disabling hand hooks;GB190-85 "Dangerous Goods Packaging Mark" stipulates 16 categories such as explosives and flammable gases and corresponding 18 kinds of graphic signs。

GB5892-86 "Pictorial Signs for the transportation and packaging of photosensitive materials sensitive to radiation energy" specifies two kinds of graphic signs for printing;GB6388-86 "Transport packaging receiving and shipping marks" stipulates the corresponding graphic marks of 12 categories such as general merchandise and cultural supplies。In these four national standards, the size, color, position and text of graphic signs are also specified。

2, the layout design should consider printability

The printing of corrugated boxes is generally at most three-color printing, for corrugated boxes that need to be overprinted。When designing, the position and size of the layout should be strict, so that the color is accurate。If you overprint another color inside one color,And no gaps should be left between the colors,Design should consider the accuracy of the enterprise printing press,Make the two colors of the page overlay printing,The width of the superimposed part is the printing deviation of the printing machine;At this time, the order of printing colors must also be stipulated,It is generally required to proceed in the order of low to high hue,This allows the overlay to cover the lower color with the higher color。

In the corrugated box layout design, in order to avoid printing paste, in the case of meeting user requirements, try to make the Yang stroke thinner and the Yin stroke thicker, so as to increase the interval between strokes, not easy to cause printing blur。

3. Strengthen proofreading

The layout of the corrugated box is mostly printed with text, which is very prone to errors, and once the design layout has a problem and has not been corrected, the consequences will be unimaginable。Under normal circumstances, the layout errors of corrugated boxes are easy to be overlooked, often more than one word or less certain or wrong word, proofreading must be proofreading errors one by one, strict control, otherwise it will lead to the whole batch of corrugated boxes scrapped due to small mistakes。The production enterprises must pay attention to the proofreading work of the corrugated box layout, and must not be taken lightly。

4, the overall layout should be reasonable

Most companies do not have a comprehensive understanding of the printing quality of corrugated boxes, and to a certain extent ignore the beautifying marketable role of packaging, improper font selection, disproportionality, and disorderly layout, which affects the appearance。

The overall layout of the corrugated box should be reasonable, prevent top-heavy, the font size should be moderate, the proportion should be coordinated, the printing part should be appropriate, and the distance from the edge of the corrugated box should be greater than 20mm。

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